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Dragon Pry Bar - Brass

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An effective, ultra durable pocket pry bar in a compact form.

Wish you had a pet dragon?

Introducing the Dragon Pry Bar, your everyday carry will thank you later.

Please Note: This is brass. Brass is a soft metal, if you are not familiar with it, this item is not for you. 

Dimensions: 3 x 1.2

Functions: The mouth is a bottle opener and the reverse is a pry-bar.

Thickness.25 Brass

Why a pocket Pry Bar?

Use it to literally pry anything, if you can’t picture it here’s a random example. One day I’m driving and I hear this fingernails on a chalkboard scraping sound.

So I look over, and what do I see? My girlfriend prying rocks from the bottom of her converse. To my surprise she was using the freshly sharpened tip of my Chaves 228 to accomplish this. 

You don’t want to be in that situation.

Other uses include opening sealed cans such as paint/lacquer, prying open anything latched, such as the plastic clips that hold a car battery down, removing nails, tacks and brads, etc..

Truthfully we can’t tell you what you will use it for. Only you can discover that by carrying one. But what we can tell you, is that 99% of people that start to carry a pry bar, carry it daily and it becomes a frequently used tool.

Features: Full brass construction


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