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DREAD SKULL - Dual G5 - Ultra Thick

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The Dread Skull multi tool in dual layered grade 5 (6al4v) titanium.

This is a fully custom one-off hand made Dread Skull. It consists of 2 layers of grade 5 titanium.

The bottom layer features a heavy bead blast while the top has been blasted, anodized green, and then lightly stripped and re-anodized a shiny purple. This results in a chameleon like matte green to shiny purple appearance.  

Manually milled chamfers around the center finger hole and screw holes are polished to a shiny finish and anodized a light gold. 

The hardware is 3 6al4v titanium screws which are also anodized a shiny light gold to match.

This Dread Skull consists of x2 .22 thick titanium plates. In total it is just shy of half an inch! This is only the second Dread Skull of this size every made.


  • 6al4v titanium construction
  • Bottle opener, 1/4 hex, pry bar and 1 inch finger hole
  • 100% hand ground and manually milled
  • 2.8 x 1.3 x .44 

This is a 1 off item. 

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