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Dread Shovel - Hell Fire Titanium

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The Dread Shovel is the newest addition to the Dread Skull family.

Attach them to a keychain or lanyard and simplify the small tasks in life that require a pry bar or an edge. 

These are crafted from .19 thick Grade 5 titanium and feature a HellFire finish. Please note that every HellFire Dread Shovel will look different. We have no way to control the anodizing process for this effect.

The Dread Shovels cracked skull is a fully functional bottle opener and the pry bar is small and compact, but still strong enough to use.

Dimensions: 2.3 x 0.85

People always ask us what the point of a pry bar is, and if you've already seen us explain this a hundred times, my apologies. But...

The uses are endless and once you carry one around you will come to realize that they are well worth carrying. 

We have customers that are photographers and use them to remove plates from tripods, customers that vape and use them in their vape kits, women with long nails that use them to open cans.

They work as a screwdriver and can open boxes/cut tape instead of gunking up your blade. Not to mention... you should stop prying with your blade tips right away and switch to a pry bar.

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