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DREAD SKULL - Dual G5 - Burple JOKER

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The Dread Skull multi tool in dual layered grade 5 (6al4v) titanium.

This is a fully custom hand made Dread Skull. It consists of 2 layers of grade 5 titanium.

The bottom layer features a purple to burple fade bead blasted finish, and the top layer has been blasted and anodized deep green. 

Manually milled chamfers around the center finger hole are polished to a shiny purple finish compliment the flat green color. 

The hardware is 3 6al4v titanium screws which are also blasted and anodized purple. 

This Dread Skull consists of x1 .090 and x1 .128 titanium plates. In total it is almost a quarter inch thick (1/4). 


  • 6al4v titanium construction
  • Bottle opener, 1/4 hex, pry bar and 1 inch finger hole
  • 100% hand ground and manually milled
  • 2.8 x 1.3 x .22 

This is a 1-off item. 

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