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Jurassic Croc Multi-Tool

Imagine carrying a Dinosaur in your pocket, and it comes with 7 functions in a compact design.

Break the ice and be the conversation starter. Plus it's a fully functional and very useful pocket tool, so you can ALWAYS be prepared.

Blood Splatter Black & Grey are new for Black Friday. These are stainless steel that have been Cerakoted. They are durable and the cerakote is a long lasting ceramic coating. 

The Jurassic Croc is TSA Safe and the tape cutter is sharp enough to cut tape but NOT your hands or pockets. The edges are silky smooth so it's comfortable and not sharp.

The next time you crack a cold one, rest easy knowing your product was 100% made in the USA with ultra precision, strict quality control, and the everyday carry enthusiast in mind.


Features and Specs

  • Bottle Opener - Use the mouth of the BEAST
  • Lanyard Hole - For your paracord or key-rings
  • Medium Slotted Pry Bar - Tons of uses in itself, here are a few: pry lids (paint, cans, bottles) - removing nails, tacks, brads - scraping paint, gum, residue - and everything else.
  • 1/4 inch and 3/8 hex - For the screw driver bit or those important nuts (not those nuts)
  • #2 Phillips Bit - American Made because that's how we operate
  • x4 O-Rings - Fatty and long lasting
  • Lanyard - Tied by magic fingers, here at our shop
  • Tape Cutter - Sharp enough to cut open those amazon boxes you keep ordering, but not sharp enough to cut your hands or pockets
  • Dimensions: 3.2 x1.5  

* Lanyard colors are subject to availability. 

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Jurassic Functions 2


Learn the features and functions of the Jurassic Croc multi-tool


  • Stainless Details: Cut from 1/8 thick Stainless Steel, these Crocs are thin and sleek yet very sturdy. They have been tumbled for 48 hours for silky smooth edges and have a light hand chamfer. Each stainless Croc has been hand sanded down to 320 grit so that they have light one directional striations. This gives them a semi polished look and helps to hide any scratches or dings you may cause while using it. These are very durable.


  • Titanium Details: Cut from 1/8 thick genuine TITANIUM! These Jurassic Crocs feature a blue to bronze fade anodizing and are lightweight yet VERY strong. When failure isn't an option, the Jurassic Croc is your solution. Titanium is one of the strongest metals known to man and was discovered in 1791, used in high stress surgeries since 1950, and is used for military and aerospace applications when normal metals can't make the cut.


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