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Tailgate Jurassic Croc Slim - Purple & Gold


Crack a cold one like a beast with the purple & gold Jurassic Croc Slim multi-tool bottle opener. Watch the video below and check out the description for details.

A thinner more compact version of the popular Jurassic Croc. The slim comes in at just 2.8 inches long with a height of 1.48 and is super light, yet extremely durable. This is due to the fact that it is made from USA sourced genuine titanium. A highly strong, corrosion and bacterial resistant metal. This material is the 24k gold of the Everyday Carry community.

Football Season

Each slim is equipped with a #2 phillips bit, x2 fatty O-rings, a 1/4 hex driver, tape cutter, lanyard hole & lanyard, and of course a bottle opener.


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