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The Vice Anvil Beard Comb

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Your beard deserves the best, stop carrying low quality combs.

Did you know a good comb promotes healthy beard growth?

As your beard grows it becomes tangled, dirty, and itchy. Our man faces tend to sprout hairs in all directions causing a cluster-F of a mess. 

Using a comb just a few times throughout your day will...

  • Straighten and untangle your hair
  • Which in turn - keeps it cleaner, softer and debris free
  • Makes your face less itchy
  • Promotes healthy and strong growth

Using beard oils or balms? 

Well, if that's the case, hopefully you are already using a comb. It is essential to spreading everything around evenly and keeping your facial hair fresh and maintained.

Our Vice Anvil Beard Combs feature very smooth edges and teeth. We've tumbled them with a very strong and fine media to get in between each tooth and smooth them out. Then blasted them with a heavy stream of 220 grit aluminum oxide to further smooth them. 

This makes for a no-snag finish!

 Available in stainless steel or titanium. 

Features a beard comb and bottle opener. 

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