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The Wedge Pry Bar - Everyday Carry Titanium Pry Bar

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  • The Wedge is a medium-sized Grade 5 titanium everyday carry pry bar, featuring a bottle opener, 1/4 hex socket, and a double grind so you can pry, and also use it to cut through packaging and other materials.

    Tired of using your knife as a pry bar? Or maybe you want something with a wider tip to really dig in there. Well, this is the perfect solution.

    Bead Blasted Stone Wash Finsish

Often times we are asked WHY a pocket pry bar? What's the use? Well, 99% of people that purchase a pry bar end up carrying it on a DAILY basis.

It becomes a true everyday carry item. 

It's one of those things you can't really explain to people.

Yeah sure, we can tell you 500 different uses for a pry bar ranging from opening a paint can, lifting a flap of flesh so you can pull out debris from a wound, or opening a split ring with it.

BUT in reality, once you carry one you will find yourself using it on a daily for random tasks. Everyone develops their own uses.