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Vice Bar - Pint Sized, Green & Blue Stone Wash

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A medium-sized pocket pry bar featuring a 3 screw pocket clip for extra strength and life long use.

We have a few of these available today, this is your chance to snag a green one.

What's the point of a pry bar you ask? There are too many uses to explain, let us just say that once you start carrying one, you never look back... 

Many of us carry a pocket knife, and we often find ourselves in a situation where we need to use the tip of the knife to dig/pry at something. Well stop breaking your tips and start using a pry bar.

You can open boxes with it, use it as a flathead, pry cans (paint, lacquer, and more), we have customers that send us images of them using a pry to remove the plates from camera equipment, remove car batteries, and much more.

Just a hair over 3.5" long with a sculpted pocket clip, polished chamfers, and a stone-washed finish.

The pocket clip is nice and springy with a thick top and bottom portion for added strength. It will fit snug, yet removes from pockets easily with a nice crisp snapping sound. Fits on thick and thin pockets.

These are .19 thick - Grade 5 Titanium 

Dimensions: 3.6" x .75" 

These Vice Bars feature a green ano followed up with a heavy stonewash and polished chamfers. Once stone-washed this pocket pry bar was anodized blue. This causes all of the stonewashed areas to have a shiny blue finish.

The pocket clip has a flat gray sandblast with x3 machine-finished grade 5 titanium screws.

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