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About Us

It all started in a dusty old garage, several years ago, in southern California. A passion for making small hand made tools and pocket knives eventually turned into the Vice Anvil Tactical you see today. 

We are a miniature machine shop producing 100% American made goods with a prehistoric bite.

Every carefully crafted piece of Everyday Carry gear is hand finished with the utmost care and precision.

All of our materials are USA sourced and we undergo a vigorous quality control process for each item created.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your EDC or are a gear aficionado, we have something to satisfy your taste.

Want to learn a little bit about what makes Vice Anvil Tactical so unique? 💯

Well there are too many reasons to list! Seriously though, there are a lot. But let's dive into a small chunk of the creation process for one of our items.

First, every idea is drawn out on a piece of paper. After many revisions we re-draw it and program it into a CAD software. From there it's time to cut a sample (or 20).

Once we have a rough shape cut, it's time to begin the finish work. Lets use a Jurassic Croc as the example. 

Step 1: After the shape is cut, the pry-bar and tape cutter are ground to shape by hand. We do this on a 2x72 belt grinder.

Step 2: We then chamfer all of the edges to a smooth bevel with a 220 grit belt, and sand the flat areas to remove any imperfections. We want it looking nice and crispy.

Step 3: The Jurassic Croc Multi-Tool is placed into a heavy duty tumbler for 2-3 days. If you are wondering what a tumbler is, well it's basically a large drum filled with hard ceramic stones. 

These stones vibrate causing friction which eventually smooths out the edges. So those sharp Jurassic teeth become smooth and beveled. 

Step 4: From there the item is heavily cleaned and prepped for the final finishing work. 

Step 5: All of the details are carved by hand and we sand the item once more to even it all out. From there it gets an acid bath to prepare for anodizing. 

Step 6: Once acid washed, the pocket tool is transferred to our anodizing chamber.

This is filled with various chemicals, a power supply, some more titanium and some Secret Sauce. We won't go into our anodizing process as it's proprietary. 

Step 7: After being anodized we do final grinding on edges. Sharpen the tape cutter for example. Then the piece is cleaned again and set aside to dry. 

We then tie the paracord lanyard and assemble the finished Jurassic Croc.

We left a few things out, don't want to bore you! But that is the basic process for one of our items.  

Please browse through the shop and get familiar with the products. If you have a question shoot over an email via the Contact Us form. 

- Vincent