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Titanium Anodizing FAQ and Guarantee

If you are new to the world of Titanium PLEASE READ below:

Titanium is an amazing metal but as with anything, it is not without issue. 

Titanium is highly absorbent to oils, including the ones on your hands. Because of this from the second you touch your titanium item its colors will start to change. Mostly they will dull. However, you can fix this by simply washing the item with dish soap.

This will bring back the original colors. You can also spray it with Windex after, and the ammonia will help keep oils off of it for some time. 

Most of the Stone washed or Toxic finishes will last MUCH longer than solid or fade colors. 

We do offer a FREE re-anodizing guarantee. We recommend that you carry your item for as long as possible before sending it in for re-anodizing. As you only get 1.

Please read below for Guarantee Info:

Full sized titanium items such as Jurassic Croc Slims, Jurassic Crocs, and Pry Bars are covered by our anodizing warranty. We are one of the only companies to offer this. 

Details: After use anodizing starts to wear out we offer 1 FREE of charge re-anodizing. Just ship us your item and we will anodize it either to its original colors, or your choice of color within reason. Just reach out to us through the contact form here and let us know what you would like.

After the first anodizing takes place all additional anodizing for Vice Anvil Tactical products are a $5 flat fee.