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Vice Cleaver Info

Vice Cleaver ordering information:

Due to certain website restrictions we do not directly sell the cleavers through here. If you would like to order one please let us know through the Contact Formand we can get you squared away. 

From time to time we have them in stock, but usually they have a 4 week lead time. They are 100% made in house, by hand. So if you want to hop on the pre-order please contact us

Prices start at $130, here is a quick breakdown of the Vice Cleaver.


Pre-Order: Ships in 4-5  weeks. Make sure to scroll through all of the images for size references. Only 10 spots available this batch.

Average wait time is 5 weeks, some will be done quicker it is first come first serve. They are hand made so bear with me, please and thank you! Please refer to scale colors below for handle color options.

Please Note: These are small pocket cleavers, meant to be carried on either a keychain, suspension clip, or in the pocket. They are SMALL 3.1 x 4 without Sheath.


The Blade: Cryo treated S35vn Stainless steel heat treated to 59.9 - Rock hard, razor sharp, and easy to re-sharpen if need be. This batch has a satin blade (see video below) with a mirror polished edge. 

The Scales (handle material): Cut from 1/8 titanium with a nice hand chamfer. There are various color options to choose from. See color options below: Semi Polish, Blue, Burple, Fuchsia, Green, Gold, Blue/Bronze, Blue/Gold, Blue/Green

Sheath: Formed Kydex sheath with key-ring attachment. 

Dimensions: 3.4 x 1 without sheath 



Vice Cleaver Friction Folder Info:

Please reach out to us through the Contact Form if you would like a Vice Cleaver Friction Folder. Prices start at $200 and go up from there depending on customization's. Pictured below is the base model.

Titanium handles with stainless steel hardware and back spacer. Cryo treated S35VN blade with a hand rubbed semi polish finish.

handles can be anodized your choice of single or fade color free of charge. Wasteland finish and custom work is extra. Hardware can all be replaced with titanium, your choice of color. Please keep in mind titanium hardware is expensive and will up the cost. Depending on how fancy you want to get the COST for a nice pivot can range from $12-20.

See video for details and don't forget to Contact Us to order. It's first come first serve and there is a wait list. Installment payments available.

Vice Cleaver Friction Folder