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Brass PoppaRex Collection
Brass PoppaRex Collection
Brass PoppaRex Collection
Brass PoppaRex Collection
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Brass PoppaRex Collection


    Brass PoppaRex

    Tyrannosaurus cap destroyers crafted from 1/4 inch thick high grade brass! These big headed dinosaurs will fit on your keychain or in your pocket with ease without adding too much weight. Each #PopaRex is cut at our facility in the USA and hand finished by artisans. The battle worn beasts are cut, tumbled and patinad. Once this is complete they are hand chamfered and given the cratered battle worn effects. The reverse side has a slight polished hammered texture. They are then hit with another round of darkening patina and hand polished around the edges and highlighted areas.

    The mouth functions as a bottle opener and there is a small key-ring or lanyard hole towards the base of the tail. Each Pop’a Rex comes with a paracord lanyard, beads are not included but may be purchased separately. 

    Measurements: 2.2 x1.8


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