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Fossil Jurassic Croc
Fossil Jurassic Croc - Vice Anvil Tactical
Fossil Jurassic Croc
Fossil Jurassic Croc
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Fossil Jurassic Croc


    The fossilized everyday carry bottle opener multi-tool in marine grade brass.

    70 million years ago they roamed the earth... now you can own a piece of EDC gear history with our limited edition Fossil Collection

    Your fossil is forged from the earth and extremely detailed. Each and every Jurassic Beast is meticulously carved by hand, sanded down, polished and patinad in various ways to achieve its distinct look. No two are alike, each beast is a one-of-a-kind fossil, fully LOADED.  Limited availability due to fossils taking centuries to form underground before they are ready for a new home. 

    Makers Choice Croc: This will be a double sided 1/4 thick Brass Jurassic croc fully pimped to the best of my ability. It will take 4-7 days to complete after purchase is made. You may add recommendations to your order notes based on the images and I will try to accommodate you as best possible. 

    Features and Specs

    • Bottle Opener - Use the mouth of the BEAST!
    • Lanyard Hole - For all your paracord and keychain goodness
    • Medium Slotted Pry Bar - Pry your worries away or let your girl use it to open a can 😂 (we know you got those nails boo)
    • 1/4 inch and 10mm hex - For the screw driver or those important nuts (not those nuts)
    • #2 Phillips Bit - American Made because that's how we operate
    • x2 O-Rings - Fatty and long lasting - if they break, email us
    • Lanyard - Tied by magic fingers, here at our shop
    • Tape Cutter - Because you probably order too much off Amazon