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The Simple Pry Bar - Double Decker - Green

Just as the name suggests, clean, simple, reliable.

Made from 2 slabs 1/8 thick Grade 5 titanium, and bolted together with 3 titanium screws. This pry bar is perfectly sleek and fits in the small pocket on jeans, a key ring, or slips into any small area with ease.

Dimensions: 3 x 0.8

Tired of using your knife as a pry bar? Or maybe you want something with a wider tip to really dig in there. Well, this is the perfect solution. 

Often times we are asked WHY a pocket pry bar? What's the use? Well, 99% of people that purchase a pry bar end up carrying it on a DAILY basis.

It becomes a true everyday carry item. 

It's one of those things you can't really explain to people.

Yeah sure, we can tell you 500 different uses for a pry bar ranging from opening a paint can, lifting a flap of flesh so you can pull out debris from a wound, or opening a split ring with it.

BUT in reality, once you carry one you will find yourself using it on the daily for random tasks. Everyone develops their own uses. 

These Simple Prys feature a heavy 80 grit glass blast followed up with a green ano on the top layer. This green was lightly sanded down to reveal some raw Ti, which was then anodized blue.

The reverse is a dark blasted gray.

They are held together with 3 manually tapped titanium screws.

Please Note: This is anodized titanium. The color will change and fade as it interacts with the oils on your hands. You can wash it with dish soap to bring back the colors as needed.