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Titanium Jurassic Croc Multi-Tool

When failure isn't an option, the Jurassic Croc is your solution. Titanium is one of the strongest metals known to man and was discovered in 1791, used in high stress surgeries since 1950, and is used for military and aerospace applications when normal metals can't make the cut. It's safe to say, this is a seriously durable piece of gear.

  • FREE re-anodizing guarantee (click for details)
  • 100% made in the USA in house by US in our small family shop
  • Fully functional multi-tool that will aid you in many tasks for years to come
  • Great conversation piece, be the envy of your friends with the ultimate ice breaker

There is nothing worse than being caught around a campfire, at a party, or while hosting a BBQ and not being able to open a frosty one. Add a Jurassic Croc multi-tool to your carry and stay prepared.

100% made in the USA at our shop in Southern California. Please Note: Titanium Crocs are hand finished per order. Please allow 4-7 days before shipping takes place.

Features and Specs

  • Bottle Opener - Use the mouth of the BEAST!
  • Lanyard Hole - For all your paracord and keychain goodness
  • Medium Slotted Pry Bar - Pry your worries away or let your girl use it to open a can 
  • 1/4 inch and 10mm hex - For the screw driver or those important nuts (not those nuts)
  • #2 Phillips Bit - American Made because that's how we operate
  • x2 O-Rings - Fatty and long lasting - if they break, email us
  • Lanyard - Tied by magic fingers, here at our shop
  • Tape Cutter - Because you probably order too much off Amazon

Each one of these Beasts has its own unique finish but the fundamentals of creation are the same. Each Jurassic tool is precision cut from a 1/4 thick slab of USA sourced TITANIUM. Once it's cut we either surface grind the flats or sand blast them depending on the finish. Next we move onto the first phase of polishing and smoothing by sanding the flats up to 400 grit and hand chamfering the edges. 

From there the Croc is popped into the industrial tumbler and tumbles for 52 hours. After this the pry bar and tape cutter are hand ground on a 2x72 grinder. Once this is complete they are placed back into the tumbler for another 10 hours. This ensures that all edges are silky smooth and feel great in the hands and pockets. 

From here they are finished with hand carved designs and custom anodization. The last and final steps include an edge on the tape cutter that will slice tape but not fingers, and a free hand tied paracord lanyard.

The Jurassic Croc in action!

Learn the features and functions of the Jurassic Croc multi-tool



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