Vice Cleaver V.2

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Alright ladies and gents, here is the first pre-order for the new hand made Vice Cleavers. This first batch is a limited run of 10. Cleavers will ship in 4-6 weeks max. They will ship in order of who paid first. These new cleavers are larger than their predecessors, feature a new and improved look, and a cleaner more streamlined design. 

Please Note: These are small pocket cleavers, meant to be carried on either a keychain, suspension clip, or in the pocket.


The Blade: S35vn Stainless steel heat treated to 59.9 - Rock hard, razor sharp, and easy to re-sharpen if need be. This batch has a semi polished blade (see video below) with a mirror polished edge. 

The Scales (handle material): Cut from a 1/8 plate of titanium with a nice hand chamfer. There are various color options to choose from. See color options below: Semi Polish, Blue, Burple, Fuchsia, Green, Gold, Blue/Bronze, Blue/Gold, Blue/Green

Sheath: Formed Kydex sheath with key-ring attachment. 

Dimensions: 3.4 x 1 without sheath