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Vice-Dashi G5 Titanium Aerospace Finish

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A small pocketable Kiridashi made from grade 5 Titanium.

Featuring a sleek design engineered for comfort in the hands, around the neck or in the pocket.

A few important notes:

There are 10 of this option available total.

These are made from G5 Titanium - This is a very strong material but it is not meant to be a blade steel. Because of this we have left the edge semi-sharp. A razor edge will not last more than a few cuts on these.

This edge is meant for light tasks such as for use on boxes, tape etc.. as well as prying. We have left the tip very sharp so that you can puncture and slide through as needed.

Each Vice-Dashi comes with a Kydex sheath and necklace chain

There is 1 handle scale affixed to the face of the piece for added grip and ease of sheath removal. This scale is a blasted stainless.

Finish Details:This 6al4v Ti came from one of our aerospace suppliers. It has a very nice natural finish with light streaks going across it. We improved upon this with a light acid bath and then a polished hand-rub. 

These have a nice shine to them. The scale also has a hand rub of 600 grit and then a light hand polish. Overall they are semi-shiny, very clean with a very durable finish.

Please allow 3 days for these to ship.

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