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Vice-Dashi S35vn Steel - Purple & Silver

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A small pocketable Kiridashi made from s35vn stainless.

Featuring a sleek design engineered for comfort in the hands, around the neck, or in the pocket.

A few important notes:

These are made from 3/16 s35vn stainless - They are Sharp sitting at HRC 60

Each Vice-Dashi comes with a Kydex sheath and necklace chain

There is 1 handle scale affixed to the face of the piece for added grip and ease of sheath removal.

This scale is anodized dark purple with semi-polished silver accents, each Vice Dashi can be sent in for 1 free re-finish at any time.

Finish Details: The blade has a dark stonewashed acid finish, the bevel of the blade is shiny raw material. 

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