Wicked Stainless Collection
Wicked Stainless Collection
Wicked Stainless Collection
Wicked Stainless Collection
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Wicked Stainless Collection

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    I have a batch of high grade stainless gear available. It's simple, classy and badass. Limited quantities on each item (about 3 pieces for each).


    Jurassic Croc Thick Slim - These are ultra thick Jurassic Croc Slims. They are 1/4 (normally 1/8) and have some serious heft to them. They feature a semi polished satin finish. You can see light 220 grit even marks topped off with a 2,000 grit polish. They will stay nice and shiny while the 220 finish will hide most scratches that may occur. Perfect for heavy use, or to look clean and simple.

    Each Thick Slim comes with a #2 phillips bit, 2 fatty o-rings and a black paracord lanyard. Features a pry-bar, tape cutter, 1/4 hex and bottle opener.

    Small Pry-Bar - This is the smaller version of our pry bar in a 1/4 thickness. We have a polished and hammered finish as well as a raw tumbled and lightly darkened smooth stainless finish. Dimensions: 0.5 x 2.65

    Mini Key-chain - This is a small 1/8 thick key-chain version of the pry-bar.